September 21, 2013

A Win Is Reassuring, But A Loss Takes Away A Part Of You!

In other words, the book opens for us the potential of accessing medical care that supersedes the laws of the Universe and opens up a pathway for the extraordinary to be expressed. I realize that as a science, these are words that are difficult to be associated with what we attribute to a “fact” based discipline.

However, it is a tenant of this book to openly suggest that the superior practitioner actually possesses an emotional drive from within to accomplish results that may – on their face, seem unrealistic.



September 18, 2013

Where Do Doctors Hide Their Wings?

Medicine today is not what it was 40 years ago. That is not all bad. Advances in scientific knowledge and technology have been a tremendous boost in healthcare. However, other outside factors are also affecting the scene – government regulations, insurance company regulations, and the fact that this is the most litigious country in the world. In addition to this – our lives are much more fast paced today than 40 years ago. Many doctors are feeling they are swimming upstream and just trying to stay afloat. With that anchor dragging at their practice it becomes hard to remember “the wings”. Doctors are not gods, but they can be angels. In the time of sickness and the resultant stress that occurs – they have been, are, and can be angels to the patient and their families.